Gender and race as social construction

Social construction of gender

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Social construction of gender

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Sociology of Gender

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The Social Construction of Gender

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Is Gender a Social Construct?

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Sex, gender, race, ethnicity, and all other seemingly "inherently biological" characteristics of people are merely mirror reflections of social norms and constructs they seek to identify with. Gender like social class and race can be used to socially categorize people and even lead to prejudice and discrimination.

Prejudice is a set of attitudes, more likely unfavorable, towards members of a group (Pennsylvania State University, ). "What I find effective in The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality is the author's centrality of categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and how they are socially constructed and transformed by such social institutions as the family, education, the economy, state, and the media/5(12).

Recent events in blackface have brought renewed attention to the concept of social construction. If gender is a social construct and race is as well, some wonder why it’s okay for transgender people to change their gender. Gender like social class and race can be used to socially categorize people and even lead to prejudice and discrimination.

Prejudice is a set of attitudes, more likely unfavorable, towards members of a group (Pennsylvania State University, ). Gender identity is biological, gender roles are not.

The Social Construction of Gender

Gender is socially constructed: the more we are treated in a certain way the more we succumb to that way of acting. Children Notice Race Infants tend to linger longer at faces that are not familiar to them.

Gender and race as social construction
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