The ideas of verification and falsification in metaphysical idealism

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Karl Popper: Philosophy of Science

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Logical positivism

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Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy

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A statement, hypothesis, or theory has falsifiability (or is falsifiable) if it is contradicted by a basic statement, which, in an eventual successful or failed falsification must respectively correspond to a true or hypothetical observation.

The Metaphysics of Physicalism and Idealism

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Idealism is the metaphysical (or even metaideal!) claim that everything is an idea, or the result of an idea, whether this is of a subjective or objective perception, or some combination thereof.

Rationalism vs. Empiricism

Idealism is prevalent in most Vedic and Dharmic religion, Platonic and Stoic Hellenic philosophy, medieval scholastics, most Enlightment. Carnap's work on logical syntax was part of his development of those ideas, the central theme of which was the exploitation of modern logical methods in making philosophy into a scientific discipline (but notan empiricalscience).

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The ideas of verification and falsification in metaphysical idealism
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The Metaphysics of Physicalism and Idealism | Lightbringers