The importance and role of animal research and testing

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However, total elimination of animal testing will significantly set back the development of essential medical devices, medicines, and treatment.

By employing the 3Rs when continuing to use animals for scientific research, the scientific community can affirm its moral conscience as well as uphold its obligation to humanity to further the. Animal Rights Of Zoos And Aquariums - “A government-funded study of elephants in UK zoos found “there was a welfare concern for every elephant in the UK.” 75% of elephants were overweight and only 16% could walk normally ” (“10 Facts”).

Abstract. Order Chiroptera is the second most diverse and abundant order of mammals with great physiological and ecological diversity. They play important ecological roles as prey and predator, arthropod suppression, seed dispersal, pollination, material and nutrient distribution, and recycle.

The Importance of Animals in Research • Society of Toxicology Ultimately, animal testing is the best method to detect effects such as cancer and birth defects.

Given the above, what is the responsibility of the toxicologist? Scientists use.

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The importance and role of animal research and testing
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