Verizon wireless mission vision and values

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Verizon Open Development (ODI) Certification

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Mission Statement: Verizon Communications Company VS AT&T Company Author: Anna Osmanay A orga izatio ’s issio is the purpose or reaso that a parti ular organization exists and functions. Every organization states its own mission or vision and it aims to convey specific information about its. A Verizon office building in Essex County, New Jersey in Verizon Communications, Inc.

uses its organizational culture to ensure quality and reliability of services in the operations of its divisions and subsidiaries, including the telecommunications services of Verizon Wireless.

2 VERIZON COMMITMENT AND VALUES The Verizon commitment is to put our customers first by providing excellent service and great communications experiences. Wireless Testing & Certification. Get your network-enabled devices and products to market quickly with assurance of safety/security, quality, and performance.

The values statement for Verizon is its mission statement, or statement of values, encapsulating the company's public mission. The company labels the contents of the statement its "Commitment and Values." The values detailed in the statement "guide our every action," according to the company.

Wireless Testing & Certification Verizon wireless mission vision and values
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